My Hair Story

Hello there!

I am Lancy Cv from Chennai, India. I've been blogging since 2011 and as soon as I started blogging, I discovered many natural hair care blogs on the internet where women/men across the world did everything they could do for their hair, sans chemicals. I was instantly impressed by the idea of going ALL natural with hair! (You'll relate to me if you're a woman/man who is INTO serious hair growth!) So this hair care trend of going natural developed a curiosity in me and I started growing my hair out! I started with drugstore products - mostly herbal but still, I wasn't satisfied with almost anything after a while.

Every other product that claimed to be natural or herbal contained 30 ingredients in it of which most are in-organic/chemicals and preservatives! Don't even get me started on the green colorants on herbal products. Or the artificial scents. They all ruined my sensitive scalp and caused me a huge hair loss in the middle of my passionate hair growth journey. 

That was when I decided to formulate a product on my own (I've seen my mother making her own hair oil while growing up!) and after multiple trial and errors with several combinations of infusions, I finally fixed on the current formula of MABH product which is loved by many today! My mom's base hair oil recipe helped me a lot in formulating it (ancient Indian formula!) And voila, not even a year passed by (During 2011-2012s) and my hair already grew till my waist from just about my shoulders! My blog readers started asking me what I was doing for my hair that spiked up my hair growth and suggested to put up my product for sale. And MABH happened!

Fast forward to today, it has been 6 years since I started selling my product online and nearly 7 years since my hair met Mr.Scissors. The formula is extremely nourishing & moisture-sealing that I didn't even need a split end trim except for once all these years! (Earlier, I had to trim the frizzy hair once in a while which NEVER helped with hair retention! I wasn't able to grow out my hair past waist length). But now, I've grown my hair out till my thighs and I plan to grow it out more! (Mind you - I've got a very fine, breakage-prone hair by birth. So growing it out wasn't easy business!)

My product is 100% pure, freshly handmade, sans chemicals and I sell it everywhere inside India. I hire manual staff now and then if work gets hectic; otherwise, my house is my office space and manufacturing unit! I'm taking the business slow and toned down because of personal-life commitments. But I aim to make it someday! For people who ask for worldwide shipping, I am trying my best to enable it. Just looking for the right courier service partner that can deliver the parcels on time. I also am working on the export/patent formalities.

My recent hair growth update on the blog (March 2019)



My hair in 2015 - January



collage! (Sorry about the poor quality. Made years ago.)

(If you're skeptical about images on 2012-2013, I wore the same dress to see how exactly my hair was grown below the waist part where the dress had a shrink!)


To read more about the product and the mission of the brand, go here.

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P.S: I couldn't do justice to the business in terms of logistics/stock preparation a few months ago because of my parents' hospitalization. It was a not-so-good phase of my life and I deeply regret to have stayed away from my work. I really am sorry for disappointing many of you and for going off the radar from what I was lovingly doing here. I'm back to work (as of March 2019) and I'm constantly preparing stock every single week freshly! I also I'm doing my best to dispatch in 24 hours. You can drop me an email at or write to me at +919043857295 on WhatsApp to check the stock availability or to get your queries answered. Have a wonderful hair growth journey!