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Hello there!

This is Lancy Cv, a 19 20 year old blogger from Chennai, India. I've been blogging at for the last four years! I started my blog 'MABH' due to my keen interest in skin and hair care! After I started exploring various things about hair care during my blogging journey, my interest grew bigger. That is when this craze love for long hair got into me! I have had long hair as a kid and to be honest, I never liked it! I literally tortured my hair with different cuts and styles. Only after getting this VERY bad hair cut from a hairstylist I realized how beautiful my long hair was! My mom used to oil my hair every other day when I was a school kid and I am not boasting, but I had a VERY long hair! (Even longer than now!)

So now, it has been 2.5 to 3 years since I got my last (bad) hair cut! I now have a classic length hair that will reach my thighs in a year! I love my hair like anything and would love to maintain long hair for the rest of my life as it has already given me an identity and.. i just love it on me! Do visit my blog to read more About Me and my hair growth journey!

Coming to the product, my very own MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil - I'll tell you how it started!! Ever since I shared My One Year Hair Growth Journey on the blog, I started receiving several emails/messages from my readers requesting to share my complete hair care routine. Many readers even suggested me to put up the hair oil I use for sale. As they all knew how I only believe in natural ingredients, they wanted to use the same natural formula to achieve long and shiny hair! That is how I started selling the product online through my blog.. And after the overwhelming response and sales, I decided to open this online store where buyers can directly place their order!

Note : Currently, I sell the product only inside India. Due to numerous international requests, I am trying my best to enable the international shipping soon. Just searching for the right courier service that can deliver the parcels in time. If you have any suggestions on the same, kindly write to me. I'll be very thankful.

My Hair?

Okay! Let me talk few lines about my hair!

I have a dark black Indian hair that is naturally straight with very slight waves! My hair is fine, soft and easy to manage. It started turning more smoother after I got back to my regular oiling routine.

My MABH Hair Growth Journey

My Current Hair Length (January 2015)



I hardly use store bought hair care products on my hair. I swear by my homemade hair oil which works like a magic on my hair! I prepare it with herbal ingredients, base oils, essential oils and extracts in a proper ratio! It helps me a lot to grow and maintain my long hair. To know how I use it and ideas on how you should use it go HERE; Do read the ideas on oiling, hair-care diet and follow them to notice visible difference in your hair! If you plan to buy the product, I highly suggest you to click PHOTOS of your current hair length/thickness/scalp (before you start using the product) to compare them with new ones after 5-6 weeks. There will definitely be a difference!

Tip: Have you got dry rough hair that is never manageable?? Do read my Hot Oil Treatment Tutorial, try it at home and write back to me on how it helped you! For more natural recipes on hair care, do visit my blog!

Product Description:

An unique magical combination of natural herbs and essential oils present in the MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil penetrates deeper into your scalp to provide rich nourishment. It also improves blood circulation, thus resulting in faster hair growth. It takes care of dandruff, premature graying and rough hair. Our product makes your hair shinier and manageable from the first use itself (If used as instruted). It stops hair fall within weeks of regular usage and helps you to grow longer beautiful hair! 

What do I add to it?

It look me a lot of time to finalize this ratio! I did put a lot of effort in finding the right ingredients (Few are very rare!). After uncountable trial and errors, I found this magic potion and hence, I think it is wise to keep few secrets with me!

However, you can be sure that the product is free from chemicals in any form! The product does not contain silicone, paraben, colorant, mineral oil, preservative or any other harmful ingredient. It is 100% vegan, homemade and purely herbal with the combination of base oils, essential oils and other natural extracts. I don’t even add any kind of preservative to it (to maintain its purity) and and that is why the shelf life of the product is only 6 months whereas other branded hair oils come with years' life tag.

User Reviews?

You can simply 'Google' about the product and learn more about it! However, there is this 'My Hair Story' section on my blog where women across India share their hair stories! Many of them are users of the MABH product and you can check how much growth they got, how the product helped them and how they use it! Currently, there is also the MABH Blogger Hair Growth challenge is running on the blog where bloggers share their monthly updates (on growth, thickness etc). For blogger reviews, go HERE.

How to Place an Order?:

Click on the 'Place Your Order' tab and add the product to your cart (in needed qty.) Press on the cart button on the upper right corner of the site and click on the 'checkout' button. You can either make an online payment or choose to 'pay through bank' by getting the bank details through email. Once you process the payment, you should get back to me through email/phone to confirm your order. All orders will be carefully packed in a wooden box and they will be dispatched through Speedpost; Do read more about shipping and delivery HERE.

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For queries and doubts, drop me a mail at or get in touch with me through phone +919043857295 (Preferably Whatsapp).

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