MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil
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How is it made?: To make sure there's 0% chemical content, we source our ingredients very carefully from certified sources. The base oils are cold pressed and the dry ingredients are sun-dried in a clean environment. Different kinds of herbs, seeds, and flowers go into the product. The formula is unique, carefully crafted and effective in promoting the overall health and structure of the hair. It can also be used as a scalp massage oil to induce sleep/relieve depression. Each bottle lasts for 6 months and if you want to store it for a longer period (our customers leaving abroad inquire us mostly on this) the product should be stored in a cold temperature.

How is it different from other hair oils in the market?: First of all, we add zero preservatives to the formula, hence it stays fresh only for 6 months. The product contains no mineral oil, no fragrant/colors and no artificial hair growth boosters like minoxidil. The motto of MABH is to go natural with your hair as much as possible! Because of no-added-fragrance, you can be sure your sensitive nose won't be hurt. The golden-olive color is the result of dehydrated organic-herbs infused in the mixture of natural oils!

How does the product work?: The light, non-sticky formula penetrates deeper into hair shafts and provide intense nourishment, hence promoting healthy, volumized hair growth; it extends your hair growth cycle and helps with hair retention. The formula also reduces breakage and repairs dry-dehydrated hair with its intense moisturizing properties. It helps maintain the natural color of your hair in the long run; reversing of premature gray strands has been experienced by many using our formula. The difference in texture is usually seen from the first usage only whereas you will notice visible growth in 2-3 months. (Don't forget to take photographs of your hair to keep track on the progress) 

Usage instructions: Use at least one hour before hair wash or as an overnight treatment twice to thrice a week. It can also be used as your regular hair oil/leave in hair treatment. To wash your hair, use a mild shampoo or shikakai powder. (We've been receiving requests to sell our hair wash powder; it will be up for sale soon!)