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Imporant Update : September 30th, 2016

Please be informed that there might be a delay in dispatch and delivery of the orders that will be placed after 30th of September (i.e from October 1st) since I'm going on a long leave for my mom's surgery!

We will be leaving home this Sunday (2nd of October) and will most probably return in 7-10 days after the surgery. I shall be processing all the pending orders after that, prioritizing the orders that have been placed first! If you’re planning to place an order after September 30th, please be informed the dispatch might stretch up to 7-10 working days or more depending on the situation at the hospital.

I'm letting you know this in advance so that you can plan your order(s) accordingly! If you’ll be bothered about the delay, I suggest that you place your order after the second week of October since things will settle by then! I'm unavailable on phone but you can drop me an email at for urgent questions.



Welcome to MABH!

This is Lancy Cv, the founder of MABH. I live in Chennai, India; I make and sell my product - the MABH fast growth hair oil from my home place. You can read more about the product and the history (how it happened) HERE. Read more about me and my work HERE. On this page, I'm sharing my shipping and delivery policy. It is imporant to go through these before you place an order. By placing an order on this site, you agree to the the terms below!

Delivery Policy:

I'm committed to deliver your order with good quality packaging within given time frame. I ship the orders twice-thrice a week usually; sometimes on all working days. To ensure that your order reaches you in good condition, in the shortest span of time, I ship through Speed post (India post) only. Your orders will be well packed in a sealed wooden box to avoid any kind of damage during transit. You will be provided with the tracking details once your order gets dispatched from my end.

How long does it take for an order to arrive?/When will I get my order?

Dispatch : Most confirmed orders are dispatched within 24-48 working hours. You will be provided with the Speed Post tracking number once your order is dispatched from my end. However, it sometimes may take longer if the excisting stock is sold off. In such cases, I'll be dispatching your order once the next fresh batch is ready to be bottled! (It won't take more than 3-4 days even in this case, for the dispatch. If you need the product urgently, you can always email me to check the availability!)

Tracking Online : You can track your orders from IndiaPost's official website HERE or email me at to know the status of your order.

Delivery : After the dispatch, most orders are delivered within 2-7 working days approximately depending on the distance from Chennai (my place). In rare cases, it may slighly delay (in case of public holidays inbetween/in case if you live in a place far away from Chennai/in case if the dispatch got delayed due to OOS) however it will not take more than 10 working days for the delivery after the dispatch at any cirumstances. Most orders inside Chennai are delivered the next day only after the dispatch. If you live in a metro city, you should most probably receive it in 2-3 working days after the dispatch is scheduled.

Urgent delivery! : I often receive urgent delivery requests from buyers for several reasons such as moving aborad. In such cases, I do take urgent orders and deliver them as fast as possible from my end. (In 2-4 days maximum. For this, you will need to check with me directly and then place your order. Do email me at with the topic 'Urgent Order' but please do before placing your order and not after placing your order since I should check from my end if the delivery is possible before a deadline)

What if there's a delay?: If you had not received your order even after 12 working days after placing it, you can claim a refund or a free bottle with your next order. For inquiries regarding the delays, always email me at; Please be informed the dispatch might take up to 48 working hours and the delivery might take 2-10 working days since I need to prepare/bottle the product and send it to you! (I prepare and sell fresh stock!) Hence, orders won't be cancelled/refunded unless they are NOT delayed for more than 12 working days.

Bulk orders : For bulk order inquires, please email me at; I'd be happy to prepare a fresh batch (or a few batches) of the product for you! There will be discounts as well.

Refund : The product is prepared and packed on demand. Example : I do prepare the product in required quanity after checking the number of orders every week. So refunds will not be applicabe under any circumstances. I do not resell returned products and I've this policy to sell the product from my freshest batch so a refund is not possible. However, I assure a safe delivery fo your orders.

Imporant Note : If the product goes OOS, I'll be taking my time to restock the product. In that case, it may take 7 days or more (Maximum 12 working days for the delivery); but this is highly unlikely to happen (As I prepare 3-4 batches every week!) and even if it does, (due to my personal/health issues or something else!) I'll make sure you receive the product from the freshest batch, safely. Postal issues can also happen rarely, for which I may not be responsible. I'm only responsible for your order to reach your hands safely. So I once again suggest you to make sure your address details are complete.

Since I'm handling the business as a single person, delays might happen rarely. I kindly request you to understand that from my point. I'm clearly mentioning this on my shipping policy as to avoid misunderstandings in future. You accept these terms when you place your order on my site.


What if the order hasn't reached you and has been returned to us?

If the order has been returned to me due to some reason (damage during transit, improper/incomplete address etc.) - it happens very rarely but still - I can bear the shipping charges once again and re-dispatch the order (fresh product(s)) safely to the buyer with no cost. I'll ensure a timely delivery!

However, in the following cases, the buyer has to bear the 2nd TIME shipping charges. I will re-send the order safely and provide you with the new tracking number after I receive the charges for shipping. (Depends on the weight of your order)

1. Wrong/Incomplete Address/Name provided : If you have provided a wrong address (Wrong pincode, street name etc) or wrong/incomplete/consignee Name and so that the parcel has returned to me, free shipping will not be provided for the second time. You need to pay for the second time shipping to get your product re-shipped. Hence, kindly make sure to provide the right address along with your right name, pincode and phone number while placing your order. If you are providing your office address, make sure you include your EMP ID, floor number etc. It is very imporant. Many buyers do place their orders giving their office addresses (MNC companies mostly!) but fail to mention the employment ID and the other details. It is impossible for the postman to locate you with only your name in case if it's a work place so the addres should be complete!

2. Delivery Attempted - Door Lock Intimation Served : At times (very rarely), the order gets returned with a door lock intimation. (The post man has reached your place to deliver the product, but the door was locked and no one was at the place during the time of delivery attempet). The post man will again reach your place and deliver the parcel in that case in a day or two. However, if it parcel returns back to me in such cases, I cannot bear the postal charges again. I highly suggest you to give your work place address or some other alternative address if your place is locked most of the time (If there is no possibilty for anyone to stay back at home). The point is, give an address where someone will be available anytime (to collect the order on your behalf) so that the order can be safely delivered!

Note : If the postman hasn't reached your place at all, but returned the product out of improper servive, the shipping charges will be borne by me! Don't worry! :)

3. If someone has mistakenly returned the order : Kindly inform your family members to receive the parcel when the postman delivers it if in case if it is not possible for you to stay at home during the time of delivery. In case if they have mistakenly returned the parcel to us, I cannot bear the second time shipping charges.

Note : If you've provided the right address with landmark and other details, the order WILL be delivered to you very safely since Indiapost reaches every place inside India. The reason I use India post is that the product should reach even the rural places of India. There's no chance for damage or theft with India Post. So I'm insisting again; right address is VERY imporant!

What if the product is received in damaged condition? :

If you think, you have received the product in a bad condition or if the packaging is tampered with or damaged before delivery, please refuse to accept the package and return the package to the delivery person. If you find it damaged after receiving, do shoot me an email ( I will personally ensure that a brand new replacement is issued to you with no additional cost.

Note : Damages happen very very rarely since I use sturdy wooden boxes to pack all the orders.

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