The Brand Story

MABH is a natural hair care brand found by Lancy Cv in 2013 and she sells her product countrywide!

Each bottle sold is freshly handmade and has a shorter shelf life of 6 months, due to the absence of preservatives and chemical content. We strongly believe in natural hair care and lifestyle for the betterment of oneself and our ecosystem! Fresh batches of our hair oil are bottled every week to be sold to the customers country-wide! Currently, we've sold to over 10k people inside India! You can buy here!

How it started?: Lancy says 'In my early teens, I never liked the texture of my hair. It grew just above my waist and then the growth stopped. My hair also used to be frizzy, dry and lifeless! I kept on wondering why; tried different fancy shampoos, hair oils (that claimed to be herbal), and treatments, with no luck. Then I decided to switch to natural hair care and after multiple trial & errors, I formulated this product (which is derived from an ancient Indian hair growth formula) which caters to all the needs of hair care! After I started using it, I was surprised seeing how it changed my hair - from brittle to smooth, from unmanageable to silky and moreover, the growth was visible! People started noticing it and kept asking me for suggestions. My blog readers emailed me for my hair care routine. I thought, why not to manufacture and put it up for sale! That's how it all started!'

How do we make it?: To make sure there's 0% chemical content, we source our ingredients very carefully from certified sources. The base oils are cold pressed and the dry ingredients are sun-dried in a clean environment. The goodness of several kinds of herbs, seeds, and flowers goes into every bottle we wake! The formula is unique & effective in promoting the overall growth, health, and structure of the hair. It extends the anagen cycle and retains your hair with regular usage. Our product can also be used as a scalp massage oil to induce sleep/relieve depression. Each bottle stays fresh for 6 months and if you wish to store it for a longer period (our customers leaving abroad inquire us mostly on this) the product should be stored in a cold/dark place.

How is it different from other hair oils in the market? - :  Lancy says 'The first difference is the shelf life! When I grew up, I used hair oils that came with a 2 year or even a 5-year-old expiration dates. I wondered how it was possible when pure coconut oil lasts no more than a year, lesser if cold pressed! Then, I realized it's the chemical content and a huge list of preservatives added to the formula that helps make the product stay good for longer. In addition to that, many brands in the hair care market use artificial colors and fragrants to improve the look and smell of their formula.

A combination of all these can cause scalp irritation, hair fall, and dandruff in many people. Coming to the MABH formula, it is 100% free from preservatives and hence stays fresh only for 6 months. The product contains no mineral oil, no fragrant/colors and no artificial hair growth boosters like minoxidil. The motto of MABH is to go natural with your hair as much as possible! Because of no-added-fragrance, you can be sure your sensitive nose won't be hurt. It carries a faint natural smell. The golden-olive color is the result of dehydrated organic-herbs infused in the mixture of natural oils!

How does the product work?: The light, non-sticky formula penetrates deeper into hair shafts and provide intense nourishment, hence promoting healthy, volumized hair growth; it extends your hair growth cycle and helps with hair retention. The formula also reduces breakage and repairs dry-dehydrated hair with its intense moisturize-sealing properties. It helps maintain the natural color of your hair in the long run; reversing of premature gray strands has been experienced by many using our formula. The difference in texture is usually seen from the first usage only whereas you will notice visible growth in 2-3 months. (Don't forget to take photographs of your hair to keep track on the progress) 

Usage instructions: Use at least one hour before hair wash or as an overnight treatment twice to thrice a week. It can also be used as your regular hair oil/leave in hair treatment. To wash your hair, use a mild shampoo or shikakai powder. (We've been receiving requests to sell our hair wash powder; it will be up for sale soon!)

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