The Brand Story

We are a natural-hair brand that helps you set ‘realistic’ hair goals.

Being a hair-enthusiast myself, I formulate this performance-driven product, after years of research and experience in growing out my hair. Disappointed by all the unrealistic claims set by the hair care industry in recent years, mabh is a healthy change I wanted to bring, no matter how small. I know you cannot grow your hair several inches in one month. I won’t false-promise you that. But I can make you indulge in a real, natural hair care routine and help you grow out your hair faster than you ever did, with consistency  – Founder, Lancy Cv

The mabh hair oil is an all-in-one hair potion that is lightweight, non-sticky, and can be used on all hair types from fine straight to curled and coiled. The oil molecules penetrate 90% efficiently into your hair shafts, working more than just on the surface to reveal the luster. With each application, the formula creates a healthy environment on your scalp, thus aiding visibly faster and denser hair growth.

Rich nutrients and healthy base oils act as natural hair nourishers whereas the antifungals derived from our plant-based ingredients shield your hair from dandruff and infection. With continuous usage, your hair’s anagen cycle is extended and strands are retained. Healthy scalp = Happy hair. When your hair and scalp both are healthier from within, you wouldn’t need silicones for the shine.

Our ingredients are ethically sourced and 100% biodegradable. Not only is this product vegan, but it is also free from paraben, sulfates, silicones, alcohol, minoxidil, artificial colors, scents, and other scalp-toxins. Each bottle is handmade with deep-rooted conscience and compassion.

USAGE: As your leave-in daily hair oil or the special overnight-treatment, mabh works either way.  Indulge in a home spa with our olive green drops to fall in love with your hair!