Cancellation & Return Policy


How do I cancel an order?

If unfortunately, you have to cancel an order, please do it before making the payment (If the payment method is direct bank transfer). Others cannot cancel your order once placed as we usually ship on the same day or within 48 hours we receive the payment.


If the cancellation is after your order has been confirmed/shipped?:

If you received the product, it will be eligible for replacement, ONLY in cases where there are defects found with the product. A new replacement will be shipped to you at the earliest in case of defects.


Return Policy

If you think, you have received the product in a bad condition or if the packaging is tampered with or damaged before delivery, please refuse to accept the package and return the package to the delivery person. Also, please call me at +9043857295 or email me at mentioning your Order ID. I shall personally ensure that a brand new replacement is issued to you with no additional cost. 

Even if you find the product damaged after signing and receiving it, you can still claim for a new product. So please shoot me an email in that case!

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